#riotcleanup has served it’s purpose, and we’d would like to thank all 90,000 people who were involved.

#riotcleanup started not as an organisation - but an idea, an idea to change what was a downfall in society into something positive. During August 2011, England saw society hit rock-bottom and around every street and every town, people were rioting just because “they could”, and this is how #riotcleanup started.

During the August 2011 riots throughout England, @sophontrack tweeted the hashtag, which suggested the public respond positively to the chaos. At the same time, @artistsmakers was mobilising people to do exactly that. The hashtag was passed to him. @phoeberoberts compiled a huge list of planned #riotcleanup events and notified police what was happening. @artistsmakers stayed up throughout the night with a broken laptop and a whiteboard, writing down the affected areas around London and planning cleanups in the affected areas.

After @artistsmakers' hard work, the @riotcleanup account was set up by a young musician, Sam Duckworth. Within minutes, RiotCleanup.co.uk was set up to collate times and locations for the cleanup operation, going live at around 5:30am. Thousands of people, including several celebrities with large followings, tweeted about the cleanup and used the #riotcleanup hashtag. A combination of all these elements culminated into several hundred people turning up to each location the next morning, brooms in hand and a smile on their faces.

Cities outside London who had experienced the riots took up the idea and created @RiotCleanupManc, @RiotCleanupWolv, @RiotCleanupNott and @RiotCleanupBrum. In Manchester, just over 1,000 people turned up to clean up. The response to all this is a fantastic example of trans-idealogical consensus. Post cleanup, a team consisting of two sixteen year olds @carboia and @PatrickSocha, alongside @Tonsko and @bl0ke redesigned and redeveloped the website. Sam, tweeting under @riotcleanup, was a constant support, having done a lot of groundwork connecting people in various affected communities.

As part of #riotcleanup, we’d all like to thank all 90,000 of those who were involved. If you wish to contact us, please e-mail jake@riotcleanup.co.uk. E-mails will be answered within 24 hours.